Halloween Special: How to Communicate with Your Departed Loved Ones


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Nothing causes more fear to people than the possibility of their loved ones dying. We invest so much time and energy nurturing our human condition by building relationships and developing our personalities that the mere thought of it all being stripped away, devastates us. And rightly so!

What most people fail to understand though is that nothing is ever lost, because nothing goes away in the first place, and it is my hope that by the end of this article you will understand this fully.

Energy is Never Lost

It has long been accepted by both science and spirituality that everything in the universe is made out of energy and energy is never lost, it simply changes form. In this respect, when our physical bodies die the consciousness simply shifts attention away from the physical body and into the spiritual body. The main difference between the two bodies is the ego, which exists in the physical body and dies with it.

The spiritual body, the soul, has no ego, and therefore it has no sense of self. The spiritual body no longer accepts the personality, preferences, talents and abilities it possessed as a physical body as what define it. Along with the personality go all the fears, worries, and grievances that came with that, and all that is left is the understanding that it is purely made out of love.

That being said, the spiritual body remembers the personality, characteristics and other ego aspects it possessed as a physical body, and uses them to communicate and interact with the people it still cares for, who are still attached to the importance of these aspects.

Communication is Easy

There are so many books, articles, and modalities dedicated to the communication with the departed, which make it sound like a complicated process. I want to set the record straight: Communicating with your departed loved ones is really, really easy.

Have you ever felt inspired?

The word inspiration comes from the Latin inspirare, which means “to breath into.” Every single time you are inspired it’s your departed grandfather, mother, brother, favourite departed artist, singer, scientist etc. literally breathing into you information which you translated as inspiration. Where did you think all the fresh new ideas you come up with come from? Isn’t it interesting that one moment you know as much and the next moment you know more?

All that is required to communicate with your departed loved ones is intention and inspiration, and all the spiritual modalities dedicated to the communication with Spirit teach you how to do just that. Although you may find it helpful to study such courses and learn different techniques that you can use to facilitate this communication, these are not at all necessary.

I invite you to design your own technique and embark on your own journey of communicating with your departed loved ones.

Three Steps to Communication

To help you get started, follow these steps:

  1. Set your intention. Either verbally, mentally on in written form, state your desire to communicate with a specific departed soul. This will tune you to that person’s energy and invite him/her to work with you in a way that you can understand.
  2. Be inspired. Use your creativity to inspire yourself. Light up candles, burn incense, play some music, pray, meditate, do anything that gets your juices flowing.
  3. Write. Once you are inspired or almost inspired, get a piece of paper and write down a question for your departed friend. Everything that comes to your mind after you state the question and everything that happens around you is part of the answer and must be interpreted. To prevent your ego from doubting your inspired messages, simply write anything that comes to your mind even if it may initially not make sense. In time, and as you ease into the process what you write will be more clear and specific.

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