It’s not Your Life Purpose. It’s God’s Purpose.


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Before I start coaching someone I start with the question: What are your top three obstacles with regards to following your Life Purpose?

The top three answers I get are: Self-doubt, Financial Instability, and Other People’s Judgments.

From Fear to Love

The common denominator in all three obstacles is the element of fear. Self-doubt is fear of not being good enough, financial instability is fear of not being able to pay the bills, and other people’s judgments is fear of being rejected. In fact, every single answer I get is just a different variation of fear. In this respect, tackling the emotion of fear should also relieve all its variations too, which got me thinking: How can I help people make the transition from fear to love?

To do so, in my coaching sessions I introduce a variety of spiritual modalities all aimed at alleviating these fearful beliefs and instigating a state of love and knowingness that all is well. I use tapping (EFT), Angel Therapy, Reiki, meditations and self-awareness processes, all different ways to turn different forms of fear into love. All aimed at helping people find the courage to follow their Life Purpose fearlessly.

The good news is that all of these techniques and modalities work. My clients find relief from these fears and are inspired to take action towards their purpose. The bad news is that, if not practiced consistently these modalities are not enough to sustain the action. In time, most people lose their nerve and go back to being fearful and remaining stagnant.

Taking Consistent Action

Following and thriving on your Life Purpose requires consistent action towards, and unequivocal dedication to it. You should be so confident and determined to follow it that you live and breathe your Purpose. You should wake up in the morning and surrender your day to it, asking God: What would You have me do? Where would You have me go? What would You have me say, and to whom? (ACIM, Lesson 71)

Is such dedication really necessary?

Unquestionably! When I refer to your Life Purpose I don’t mean mere goal setting. This is not your five-year plan I’m talking about, or saving money for your next holiday. It is your entire life’s purpose; it is what you came to this planet to be. To help you understand how important your Life Purpose is, consider this proposition:

You Life Purpose is really God’s purpose expressed through your unique personality and beingness.

If you accept that God is the totality of the entire universe then it makes sense that every single piece of consciousness on this planet, yourself included, is part of God. And God has a purpose for planet earth. When the piece of God that is you decided to incarnate on this planet it didn’t just come to live an ordinary life and sort of fulfil God’s purpose. You came here determined to be the absolute epitome of that purpose [If you don’t yet know what your (and God’s) Life Purpose is, make sure to download my three-step guide to find out].

Therefore, if you ever find yourself being caught up in self-doubt, fear of financial instability, fear of other people’s judgments or any other form of fear that prevents you from taking consistent action towards your Life Purpose, then snap out of it by reminding yourself that it is not your purpose to leave unfulfilled. It is God’s purpose, and you owe it to Him to fulfil it.

Fulfilling it is much simpler than you may have thought. Since it’s God’s purpose then He must provide you with all the experiences and opportunities that you need to succeed. All you need to do is show up by taking consistent action! When you show up for your purpose, God will show up for you.

Take Action Now

Ask yourself: To what extent am I allowing God to fulfil His/Her purpose through me, on a scale from 1 to 10? What action steps can you take towards your purpose NOW?

Share your answer with me in the comments below. Stating your commitment publicly acts as extra motivation and keeps you accountable to your purpose.

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